Important Steps To Help You Prevent Mold After Carpet Repairing And Restoration

When a carpet gets damaged by water damage in the home, it becomes dull and a source of mold growth. If you don’t take proper action in drying it then there will be mold growth on your favorite carpet. One of the ways that you can try is calling the professionals in carpet repair experts. Apart from this, you can also follow these mentioned steps to prevent mold on the carpets-

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  • Quickly remove the water

If there is any water damage in your home then this will hugely cause an impact on the carpets. There can be water damage in the homes because of leaky faucets or home appliances. No matter what the reason is, you need to protect your carpet after the water damage as it might cause the growth of mold on it. So, for this, all that you need to do is to remove all the water from the carpet. Use a wiper or dry cloth to do this. If you’re facing any problem in doing this then all that you need is the service of Carpet repairing and Restoration from carpet cleaning professionals.

  • Use a fan or dryer

Once you’ve removed the water from the carpet, your next step should be drying the carpet. If there will be moisture in the carpet then this will not only ruin its fabric but also cause mold growth. Therefore, the carpets need to be dried up. Now, the question comes of how to dry the carpet after water damage. Well, for this, you can turn your fan on to let it dry. Apart from this, a vacuum cleaner or a hair dryer is also a good option to help carpets in drying.

  • Steam clean

Before calling the professionals of Carpet repairing and Restoration, you can also try the steam carpet cleaning process. Well, that’s a good option as the steam helps in drying the carpets as well as removing the mold, allergen, and pollen that might happen because of water damage. So, all that you need to do is to steam dry the carpets using a steam cleaner. For effective results, use the steam cleaner twice or thrice.

  • Keep the carpet in sunlight for direct exposure

If you don’t want the growth of mold in your carpet then all that you need is to keep the damaged carpet in the sunlight. Sunlight exposure is good for removing the dirt, allergens, and humidity that can cause the growth of mold. Keep the carpets outside the area on a sunny day so that they can get ample sun rays.


Carpets are sure to enhance the look of your home but water damage in the home can cause damage to your delicate carpet. Thus, it will be always better to call the Carpet Cleaning Cannington  for quick help. Apart from this, you can also try using above mentioned tips for preventing mold growth after water damage to the carpets.