Adverse effects of dirty carpet on your health:

dirty carpet

Carpets make your home look better but do you know that if you leave the carpet dirty, it can harm your health? Yes, it really can. This might sound weird to you, how a dirty carpet can affect your health. Carpets absorb many different particles and bacteria which are not visible to naked eyes. These microorganisms sometimes might be fatal for you. Thus, you should always call Carpet Cleaning Cannington professionals for regular inspection and cleaning of your carpets. 

Here are the effects of dirty carpet on your health:

  • Allergies- These are the most common type of health risks that carpets pose. Carpets trap a number of small particles such as pet hair, dust, dirt, peeling off the skin, mold, etc. These particles are the main cause of allergies. If you already have an allergy and you wake up almost every day with a runny nose and continuous sneeze, then getting an inspection of your carpet should be your priority. 
  • Can trigger asthma- As you already know that carpets easily attract dirt, dust, and other similar particles. And many of these particles such as dust mites can trigger asthma attacks. Or, carpets can trap allergy-inflaming proteins which can trigger asthma, eczema, or rhinitis. People often run to the doctor for such attacks, which they should, but apart from that, they should try to keep their homes clean. Getting regular inspection or cleaning by Carpet Cleaning Cannington professionals can help with these small issues. 
  • Skin problems- Small particles can easily invade your particles as they are invisible to naked eyes. And can cause many skin problems such as itchy skin, rashes, or even an athlete’s foot. And even if you have a regular cleaning schedule, these particles do not easily move. As normal cleaning does not remove them. Thus, it becomes necessary to call Carpet Cleaning in Cannington so that the professionals can inspect every inch of it and get rid of all kinds of microorganisms. 
  • Stomach Illness- Damp carpets can create many health problems which you may not even realize. They are a source of a number of bacteria and germs which can adversely affect your health. Damp carpets have mycotoxins that can cause stomach irritation as well as infection. 

Clean carpets, always better!

You may think of avoiding cleaning carpet on a regular basis but it can change small problems in your life. You can call Carpet Cleaning in Cannington for deep cleaning of your carpets. Calling professionals means protecting yourself and your family from allergies, skin problems, stomach disorder, and breathing issues. Even if you are cleaning your dirty carpet regularly at home, calling professionals for deep cleaning at least once in 6 months is necessary.